Data for: A molecular phylogenetic analysis of the genera of fruit doves and their allies using dense taxonomic sampling

  • Jennifer E. Nowak (Creator)
  • Andrew D. Sweet (Creator)
  • Jason D. Weckstein (Creator)
  • Kevin Paul Johnson (Creator)



Multiple sequence alignments from concatenated nuclear and mitochondrial genes and resulting phylogenetic tree files of fruit doves and their close relatives. Files include: BEAST input XML file (fruit_dove_beast_input.xml); a maximum clade credibility tree from a BEAST analysis (fruit_dove_beast_mcc.tre); concatenated multiple sequence alignment NEXUS files for the novel dataset (fruit_dove_concatenated_alignment.nex, 76 taxa, 4,277 characters) and the dataset with additional sequences (fruit_dove_plus_cibois_data_concatenated_alignment.nex, 204 taxa, 4,277 characters), both of which contain a MrBayes block including partition information; and 50% majority-rule consensus trees generated from MrBayes analyses, using the NEXUS alignment files as inputs (fruit_dove_mrbayes_consensus.tre, fruit_dove_plus_cibois_data_mrbayes_consensus.tre).
Date made availableAug 13 2019
PublisherUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


  • fruit doves
  • Aves: Columbidae
  • multiple sequence alignment
  • phylogeny

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