ClonalKinetic Data and Intermediate Results of SimiC

  • Jianhao Peng (Creator)
  • Idoia Ochoa-Alvarez (Creator)



This dataset contains the ClonalKinetic dataset that was used in SimiC and its intermediate results for comparison. The Detail description can be found in the text file 'clonalKinetics_Example_data_description.txt' and 'ClonalKinetics_filtered.DF_data_description.txt'. The required input data for SimiC contains:
1. ClonalKinetics_filtered.clustAssign.txt => cluster assignment for each cell.
2. ClonalKinetics_filtered.DF.pickle => filtered scRNAseq matrix.
3. ClonalKinetics_filtered.TFs.pickle => list of driver genes.

The results after running SimiC contains:
1. ClonalKinetics_filtered_L10.01_L20.01_Ws.pickle => inferred GRNs for each cluster
2. ClonalKinetics_filtered_L10.01_L20.01_AUCs.pickle => regulon activity scores for each cell and each driver gene.

<b>NOTE:</b> “ClonalKinetics_filtered.rds” file which is mentioned in “ClonalKinetics_filtered.DF_data_description.txt” is an intermediate file and the authors have put all the processed in the pickle/txt file as described in the filtered data text.
Date made availableOct 11 2021
PublisherUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


  • GRNs
  • RDS
  • SimiC
  • ClonalKinetic

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