BEPAM Model Code and CABBI Simulation Results for "Assessing the Additional Carbon Savings with Biofuel"

  • Madhu Khanna (Creator)
  • Weiwei Wang (Creator)
  • Michael Wang (Creator)



This dataset consists of various input data that are used in the GAMS model. All the data are in the format of .inc which can be read within GAMS or Notepad. Main data sources include: acreage data (acre), crop budget data ($/acre), crop yield data (e.g. bushel/acre), Soil carbon sequestration data (KgCO2/ha/yr). Model details can be found in the "Assessing the Additional Carbon Savings with Biofuel" and GAMS model package.

## File Description
(1) GAMS This includes all the input files and scripts for running the model
(2) Table*.csv: These files include the data from the tables in the manuscript
(3) Figure2_3_4.csv: This contains the data used to create the figures in the manuscript
(4) BaselineResults.csv: This includes a summary of the model results.
(5) SensitivityResults_*.csv: Model results from the various sensitivity analyses performed
(6) LUC_emission.csv: land use change emissions by crop reporting district for changes of pasturelands to annual crops.
Date made availableOct 15 2020
PublisherUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


  • Biogenic carbon intensity
  • Dynamic optimization
  • Life cycle carbon intenisty
  • Economic model
  • Anticipated baseline approach
  • Corn ethanol

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