An Assessment of the Impacts of Climate Change in Illinois



Please cite as: Wuebbles, D., J. Angel, K. Petersen, and A.M. Lemke, (Eds.), 2021: An Assessment of the Impacts of Climate Change in Illinois. The Nature Conservancy, Illinois, USA.
Climate change is a major environmental challenge that is likely to affect many aspects of life in Illinois, ranging from human and environmental health to the economy. Illinois is already experiencing impacts from the changing climate and, as climate change progresses and temperatures continue to rise, these impacts are expected to increase over time. This assessment takes an in-depth look at how the climate is changing now in Illinois, and how it is projected to change in the future, to provide greater clarity on how climate change could affect urban and rural communities in the state. Beyond providing an overview of anticipated climate changes, the report explores predicted effects on hydrology, agriculture, human health, and native ecosystems.
Date made availableMay 17 2021
PublisherUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


  • Ecosystems
  • Water
  • Illinois
  • Public health
  • Hydrology
  • Environment
  • Agriculture
  • Climate change

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