Acceleration and strain data for free vibration of pre-tensioned, partially-submerged beams

  • Brian Eick (Creator)



The data provided herein is accelerometer and strain data taken from free vibration response of pre-tensioned, partially submerged steel beam specimens (modulus of elasticity assumed = 29,000 ksi). The specimens were subjected to various levels of pre-tension, and various levels of submersion in water. The purpose of the testing was to quantify the effects of partial submersion on the vibrating frequencies of pretensioned beams. Three specimens were tested, each with different cross section (but identical cross-sectional area). The different cross sections allow
investigation of the effects of specimen width as the specimen vibrates through water.
The testing procedure was as follows:
1) Apply a specified level of tension in the beam. Measure tension via 3 strain gages.
2) Submerge the specimens to a specified depth of water
3) Excite the beams with either a hammer impact or a pull-and-release method (physically pull the middle of the bar and quickly release)
4) Measure the free vibration of the beam with 2 accelerometers.

Schematic drawings of the test setup and the test specimens are provided, as is a picture of the test setup.
Date made availableMay 12 2020
PublisherUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


  • free vibration
  • prestressed
  • partially-submerged
  • beam

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