3DIFICE: A Synthetic Dataset for Training Computer Vision Algorithms to Recognize Earthquake Damage to Reinforced Concrete Structures

  • Nathaniel Levine (Creator)



3DIFICE: 3-dimensional Damage Imposed on Frame structures for Investigating Computer vision-based Evaluation methods

This dataset contains 1,396 synthetic images and label maps with various types of earthquake damage imposed on reinforced concrete frame structures. Damage includes: cracking, spalling, exposed transverse rebar, and exposed longitudinal rebar. Each image has an associated label map that can be used for training machine learning algorithms to recognize the various types of damage.
Date made availableSep 29 2022
PublisherUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


  • computer vision
  • civil engineering
  • structural engineering
  • structural health monitoring
  • earthquake engineering

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