Cynthia Oliver in conversation with Leslie Cuyjet

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    PeriodFeb 15 2018

    Media coverage


    Media coverage

    • TitleCynthia Oliver in conversation with Leslie Cuyjet
      Media name/outletCritical Correspondence
      Media typeWeb
      Country/TerritoryUnited States
      DescriptionLongtime collaborators, Cynthia Oliver and Leslie Cuyjet got together to talk about Cynthia’s most recent work, “Virago Man-Dem” which was presented at BAM this past Fall. The word “Virago” is used in the Caribbean to refer to gender transgression, often in a derogatory way to describe a woman who possesses stereotypically masculine qualities like aggression or bravery. Cynthia's work explores the ambiguous nature of masculine identity and subsequently uncovers the instability of cultural symbols that define maleness as an embodied experience. In the work's landscape of movement, text, video, and sound, we come to find how the body thrives in a state of in-betweenness, suddenly spilling out from the container of words and categories.

      - Tess Dworman, co-editor
      PersonsCynthia Oliver, Leslie Cuyjet